About the School of Miracles

Originally established as the Richard Roberts School of the Spirit®, we began offering online education classes in 2010. Recognizing the immense hunger for spiritual growth and understanding, we expanded our offerings and rebranded as the Richard Roberts School of Miracles. Today, thousands of students from diverse backgrounds and cultures continue to enroll in our ever-developing biblical courses.

At The School of Miracles, our mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge and wisdom necessary to experience the miraculous in their lives. We believe that as we deepen our understanding of God's Word and His promises, we activate a supernatural dimension where extraordinary miracles become a reality.

Through our meticulously crafted curriculum, taught by renowned teacher Richard Roberts, son of the legendary Oral Roberts, we invite you on a transformative journey. Whether you're seeking spiritual growth, desiring a deeper connection with God, or yearning to witness the manifestation of miracles, our courses offer invaluable insights and practical applications.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond academics. We foster a vibrant and supportive community of like-minded believers who share a passion for pursuing God's miracles. Together, we create an environment where faith is ignited, relationships are nurtured, and lives are forever changed.

Richard Roberts



Richard Roberts, B.A., M.A., D.Min., is the Chairman and CEO of Richard Roberts Ministries and has dedicated his life to ministering the saving, healing, delivering power of Jesus Christ around the world.


Richard has ministered God's healing power in 39 nations, spanning six continents. In his healing outreaches, Richard has ministered to crowds of over 200,000 people in a single service. His services are marked with supernatural miracles and healings and by a tremendous move of the Spirit. Today, Richard focuses on his Greater Works international pastors’ conferences where he teaches and trains pastors in underdeveloped nations to take the full gospel with miracles, healing and signs following to their villages, cities, and nations, as Jesus instructed in John 14:12.

Richard and his wife, Lindsay, also host The Place for Miracles—a half-hour inspirational TV broadcast that reaches out to millions worldwide. Together, Richard and Lindsay minister in the power of the Holy Spirit, praying for those who need a miracle of healing in some area of their lives.

In 2010, Richard founded the Richard Roberts School of Miracles which offers online Bible courses to help equip Christians with practical, hands-on experience in applying God’s Word and His healing power in their own lives and in the lives of others, especially emphasizing how Christians can enjoy a life empowered by the Holy Spirit.

In 2023, Richard and Lindsay launched a powerful new resource for healing––The Healing Network. This 24-hour “all healing, all the time” online network features all the current programs, and brand new programs like Healing Prayer for You and Bookmark. There’s a live healing prayer service, miracle testimonies, and classic footage from Oral Roberts tent meetings.

In addition, Richard hosts a weekly podcast, Expect a Miracle, encouraging listeners with faith-building messages. He has also authored a number of publications including …Your Road to a Better Life, Unstoppable Increase, He’s A Healing Jesus, and ThriveEliminating Lack from Your Life

Richard and his wife, Lindsay, have three daughters: Jordan, Olivia, and Chloe